A Ski School for Children

instruction-in-actionWelcome to Powderpigs!  As an established private school at the Summit at Snoqualmie on Snoqualmie Pass since 1970, we provide ski and snowboard lessons for children and adults. Although the majority of our Powderpigs are school-aged children, we also have ski lessons for preschoolers and ski and snowboard lessons for Powderpig parents and friends. It has been both thrilling and challenging to put together the very best learning experience we can for each of our Powderpigs throughout the years.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a program in which every student can enjoy the process of acquiring the skills of skiing and snowboarding as they become competent and confident on the slopes.

Our instructors are selected from individuals who have shown real enthusiasm for working with children as well as skiing and snowboarding. Each fall, our staff participates in the fall long Powderpig Instructor Training Program. Weekly dry land clinics are followed by On Snow clinics in December. These clinics cover the many facets of the learning to ski or snowboard process in order to provide each of our students with a happy, safe and successful learning experience.

happy-classOur students are placed in classes with careful attention given to compatibility with fellow students and a real goodness of fit with their instructors. The information you give us on the application enables us to do this job successfully and gives student’s instructors the information they need to do their job well. If you decide to join us, please be sure to use the article “Tell Us About Your Child” on page 18 as your guide as you answer the questions on the application.

Our schedule begins in the first weeks of January. (See schedule for exact dates.) Our programs run for nine weeks with our traditional Powderpigs Break falling on President’s Day weekend. There will be no classes held on break days so that both Powderpigs families and Powderpigs instructors can plan ski vacations. Friday evening classes run from 7 PM to 9 PM. Saturday and Sunday classes start at 10 AM and end at 3 PM with an hour off for the lunch break between 12:00 PM and 1:00. Parents are asked to meet their children for these breaks.

The Pigpen, our ski school lodge and headquarters, will be closed to the public.  Ground floor restrooms will be accessible during lesson hours only.