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New Season New Online Presence!

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Hey Folks!

As we all gear up for an epic 2024 season, we are excited to announce some new online experiences for our customers and employees. Some of your might have already noticed changes in how we communicate via our admin@ email account. Here is a quick overview of all of our changes:

  • NEW WEBSITE! We spent a lot of time streamlining our web experience so that you can get to information faster!

  • NEW CHATBOT! On the new website we have a new chatbot! We wanted a way for folks to be able to get answers to questions quickly, and without emailing us. Our admin team has spent a lot of the summer training the chatbot to answer your questions. Give it a shot!

  • NEW KNOWLEDGEBASE! We also have a great new knowledgebase. If you have been with the ski school for a while, you might remember our handbook. This has been uploaded into our knowledgebase. We are continuously updating these articles so keep checking back!

  • NEW HELP PORTAL! If you have emailed us recently, you will have received a "New Ticket" email. Rest assured, this is not us outsourcing our support! Instead we recognized that sometime it was hard to get a response from our admin email. The new help portal allows us to track and respond to your requests in a more streamlined manner!

As always, we appreciate your patience as we roll these new systems out. We are excited to continue to streamline the Powderpigs experience!

Can't wait to see everyone on the slopes!

-Think Snow

Admin Team!


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