We are still seeking some additional chairlift riders.  Sign Up Links below. Those who can commit to a regular volunteer schedule of at least 5 half days may be eligible for a discounted season pass (if you already have a pass, you may be eligible for a partial refund).  Chairlift riders need to be able to confidently get on/off the lift, help sometimes with scooting a little rider all the way back on the seat, ensure the student is holding on at all times and riding safely, and help with getting off the lift.  Of course stories, and kid friendly jokes or songs always help pass the time too!  Chairlift riders wait at the top with the student until their teacher/assistant arrives to ensure the student’s safety.  Chair lift riders must wear a mask at all times they are with a student.

Additionally, if you are ever out free skiing and see a large class of wee little pigs trying to find lift riders, please feel free to identify yourself as a Powderpig parent and offer to help.  We are sure the instructor would be most grateful!

Rider Sign up Links:

Powderpigs Rider Parents: Parent Riders Sign Up–Friday PM (signupgenius.com)

Powderpigs Rider Parents: Powderpigs Parent Rider Sign Up–Saturday (signupgenius.com)

Powderpigs Rider Parents: Powderpigs Parent Rider Sign Up–Sunday (signupgenius.com)