***2022 Powderpigs Parka Pick Up will be at the Powderpigs Lodge the first week of lessons!***

These bright red parkas are for safety as well as being a fine old Powderpigs tradition.

When you order a papage 3 brka, we will email you a “pick ‘em up” card when the parkas are delivered to the stores where you can pick them up. You can then take it to Gerk’s (Issaquah), Alpine Hut (Seattle) or Edge & Spoke (Redmond) and swap it for a Powderpigs parka in the correct size. As soon as the parkas arrive and & we can get them delivered to the stores listed above, we will post the news on – just watch for the coupon in your in-box or the “Parka News” on the main menu.

If you already have a totally fire engine red parka with NO external trim or stripes or shapes of another color and wish to use it, we will gladly provide the Powderpigs patch. SAFETY ALERT: If your child’s parka has a hood, make sure it is removable or can be folded into itself and fasted down securely. Hoods and Chairlifts can be a risky combination.

Cost:  $130