For those who prefer to read all of the information at once, you can access our entire 2022 Brochure online (brochure is subject to changes as updates are identified).  For those who prefer reading smaller chunks at a time, the information within the brochure has been built into the different pages of this website, so please click around and learn all about Powderpigs.  Regardless of how you take take it in, the information in our brochure and on this website will answer nearly all questions we have fielded over the years and also serves as your Powderpigs Parent Survival Guide.


Refunds are not available for missed lessons, nor are missed lessons deductible from tuition still owed.

At the time 2021 registration opened, our normal refund policy was in effect: Tuition is refundable through Oct. 15. After Oct. 15 there is a $50 non refundable processing/ registration fee per child. No refunds after Jan. 1. However, like others, COVID-19 has been impacting our business tremendously.  Therefore we have extended this date from Oct. 15 to Nov 15th, and are now offering two options for our already registered families needing to withdraw from lessons:

  1. Roll over your 2021 registration and payment to 2022.  This option automatically guarantees your spot for 2022 lessons at the 2021 tuition rate, regardless of any tuition increases in 2022. If you choose this option, but life changes for your family during our 2022 registration window (April-September 2021), we will understandingly review refund requests at that time.
  2. Request a refund.  Refunds will be issued as fast as possible, in the order the requests are received, as funds are available.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we get through refund requests.

Currently registered 2021 families needing to withdraw from lessons this winter can please complete the cancellation form found HERE.


Please complete our absence form If you are going to miss a lesson as soon as you know. This helps us get classes out on time.


If the weatherman should decree inclement weather and we are unable to operate or must begin lessons a little late, we will announce the change of plans on our website and our school Facebook page. Ordinarily, the message for Friday evenings will be available by 4PM of that afternoon and for Saturday and Sunday by 8AM of the morning involved.


Sometimes weather, power outages or road conditions precipitate a last minute change of plans. If you think conditions look iffy on the way up, check the website and Facebook page for any last minute news.  We post any changes of schedule as soon as we hear about them.


We make up the lesson by tacking it on to the end of the season. For example: if a Saturday is cancelled this year, the make-up lesson would be Saturday, March 17. When Summit Central is closed we must cancel for that day.


Students must be delivered to and picked up from the instructor at the class sign at the beginning and end of the lesson as well as at lunch time. Please make sure that both you and the instructor are aware that you are delivering your child or that you are picking them up. Verbal acknowledgement by both parent & instructor at time of the “handoff” is a must. This rule is intended to keep all our Powderpigs as safe as possible. If someone, other than the person who delivered a student, is to pick them up, please tell Nancy or the program director (Midweek or the Preschool Program director on the weekend) as well as the instructor when you deliver your child to the instructor that session. You may also email Nancy. Children will not be released from class until there is a parent or other designated safe person there to pick them up.  Please do NOT ask you child to meet you somewhere else!


Each season we need to collect a completed Student Release for every student.  The release needs to be signed in ink (no e-signatures), and not have any section of the release verbiage crossed out.  Please mail your completed releases to: Powderpigs, PO Box 916, Preston, WA 98050.

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This program provides employment, services, and privileges regardless of race, color, creed, sex, religion, age or national origin.