2018 Instructor Registration

Instructor Registration for the 2018 winter season is now open.  Register online HERE to begin receiving our instructor emails and stay in the loop on upcoming clinics, events and other happenings.


Benefits of Instructing

  • Deeply discounted season pass
  • Pro Deal Opportunities (Yes- We are one of the few schools that offer pro deals!)
  • Potluck dinners and other fun activities
  • Starting pay above minimum wage
  • Discounted lessons for your child or sibling
  • Improve your own skiing & snowboarding skills
  • Comprehensive Instructor Training
  • Instill the love of the mountain in your students
  • After lesson ski/board groups to hang out with
  • …and more!…

Instructor Training Clinics

Powderpigs offers three sets of clinics- Kid Tech (also called Dryland), Ski/Board Tech, and On Snow Clinics.  All first and second year instructors are strongly encouraged to attend a full series of each clinic.  Third year and beyond you are always welcome, and we look forward to seeing you at the Meet & Greet, Risk Safety, and On Snow clinics.

Kid Tech provides an in–depth exploration of children (and adults!) as individuals and as learners. This gives you, the instructor, a solid foundation for being able to teach to each of your students.

Ski/Board Tech provides the technical aspect of teaching skiing and snowboarding.

On Snow Clinics combines everything we learn in Kid Tech & Ski/Board Tech and puts it into play on the mountain.  In small group settings we practice teaching different steps in the learning to ski/board process, build our own ski/board skills, get to know the mountain, and build our instructor community.

View the clinic schedule HERE.