great-shot-of-little-pigsIn order to use the ski lifts during the season, you must either have a ticket for the day or a season pass. The Area has invested in new equipment for checking and tracking participants in order to more effectively staff the various chair lifts during heavy use and supply added staff when needed. In order to support the success of this, they have made the season passes for students in the various ski school programs a lot more economical than purchasing tickets on a daily basis. For this reason, we recommend you purchase a student season pass for your Powderpig (s).

FYI: Season passes are not included in the cost of tuition. Heavy Discounts on season passes are available in the spring and summer and very early fall for the whole family and the Area extends discounts into the early fall for the whole family. Check the web site for these bargains! Spring discounts are always the best deals!

The discounts on Student Season Passes are so good that daily lift tickets would make sense only if you were going to ski much less than the ski school season. The applications for the discounted student pass are sent out in the fall as soon as the Area makes them available. These applications must be used for the discounted student pass & passes can now be purchased on line. The cautionary note in this tale is to read the “qualifications and limitations” of each type of pass carefully and watch the deadlines just as carefully. That said, this is a great year for buying a Student Discount Season Pass. In order to qualify for a Student Pass, you must be registered in a ski school program for the 2016 season. The Unlimited pass is recommended for families that will want to ski in the other Areas during the season, especially Alpental and for the most advanced students. Ages are now based on the date of purchase. So, if your child is turning 7 or 13 during the fall or winter season, make sure you purchase their student pass before their birthday. Otherwise, from the date of his or her seventh or thirteenth birthday you must either buy the more expensive pass or buy a full priced Youth or Adult ticket each day they ski. (Tickets are no longer such a good deal & are no longer discounted. Ever. Just in case you were wondering. . .) The Area monitors the ages of ski school participants carefully so they do know when a child turns 7 or 13.


yellow-signsThe deadline for sending in applications for Student Discount Passes is Dec. 15, 2016. They must be in the office or in the mail and postmarked by that date. After Dec. 15 you can still purchase them in person at the Season Pass Office at Summit West.

  • Be sure to read all the information on both the front and back of the Pass Application, as it is your best source of information about the conditions and use of these Passes.
  • A Night Pass is a good option for those Friday evening students who will not be doing any skiing during the day and for Friday evening students who know they will not be doing any make-ups for a missed lesson.
  • Applications for the Student Season Pass will be sent to you with your confirmation of enrollment and will be stamped by us so the Area will recognize them as valid. These Student Passes are available for our Powderpigs who are currently enrolled in one of our programs. Super bargains on Regular (non student) season passes can be found on The Summit at Snoqualmie’s main page. Spring is the very best time to get those discounts!

Season Pass – Words of Wisdom

In order for us to process your pass so you will have it in time for ski school, you must sign up on line for the student pass by December 15th in order for them to process and mail your pass to you before classes begin. After December 15th, you may still purchase the pass on line, but in order to have it by the first day of lessons, you will need to pick it up at will call at the season pass office at Summit West. You will receive your season pass on the spot.

WARNING: We strongly recommend you do not wait to get your season pass at the Season Pass Office at Summit West* on the first day of ski school. Some Powderpig families think that is a perfect time to purchase their season passes, but on those first days of lessons, the lines are always very long and the wait in those long lines, even longer. Not a pleasant way to begin the season and you may even end up missing your class altogether. Dreary thought!

When you send in your child’s student season pass application make sure to include:

  • The student season pass application with all signatures in place
  • Payment
  • Photo of the child (see below for options)(Be sure to put child’s name on back of photo)

Photos: If you are a new pass holder, or if you want a new photo on your season pass, here are your options:

  • You may email your photo to Please use following guidelines
    1. Photo must be in a jpeg format under 40K.
    2. Your nose should be in the center of the picture. No hats or sunglasses please.
  • Visit us at the season pass office at Summit West. (*the only location for Pass sales)
    1. Open daily starting October 24th from 9AM until 4PM.
    2. We will take your picture and hand you >your pass on the spot.
    3. This is the only location for Season Pass sales.