Alpine Hut, Edge & Spoke, and Gerk’s Ski & Cycle:

happy-boysWe work together to provide you with a place where a wide selection of equipment and clothing is available at reasonable prices. At these stores you can get expert help in finding just the right combination of equipment to assure a safe, comfortable and happy skiing experience for the entire family. Alpine Hut is located in Seattle, Edge & Spoke is located in Redmond, and Gerk’s Ski & Cycle is located in Issaquah. Once parkas have arrived and are in stores, we email those purchasing a parka notice of their arrival with pick up instructions.

Powderpigs has had a very good working relationship with each of these retailers for many years.  Some of our Partner stores have their own “buy back program” that we encourage our families to ask about.  In general with “buy back” programs, if a child outgrows their gear by the next season the retailer will offer a percentage of the original purchase amount as in-store credit towards the purchase of new gear.  Gear needs to be “traded in” at the same retailer it was purchased from the season before.  Be sure to ask the retailer you visit if they have this as an option before you buy, so that you know what to expect.

Alpine Hut, Edge & Spoke, and Gerk’s Ski & Cycle also have youth packages available including skis and bindings which is perfect for the younger, or beginner youth skier.  As the student ages these retailers offer a selection of different all-mountain gear to fit the child’s current learning level.  With an excellent range of name brand models and sizes from entry level through high performance in boots, skis and bindings, these stores have something for everyone.

These retailers also offer a season rental option for families who would prefer to rent their child’s equipment.  We strongly encourage anyone renting gear to do a season rental so that you pick up the gear at the beginning of the season and return it at the end of the season.  DAILY RENTALS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED!  We also encourage our families renting gear to go to our preferred retailers.  Over the years we have seen many students with outdated, improperly fitted, or poor quality rental gear from other shops.  Save the headache (and the money of renting twice) and visit Alpine Hut, Edge & Spoke, or Gerk’s Ski & Cycle.


Gerk’s Ski and Cycle
1975 NW Poplar Way
Issaquah, WA
425 270-3061

Edge and Spoke
7875 Leary Way
Redmond, WA
425 883 7544

Alpine Hut Seattle
2215 15th Ave West
Seattle, WA
206 284-3575