The Summit has reconfigured their online store so you will likely need to create a new account to purchase passes. Please check out the information from the Summit HERE on how to create a new account.

Questions regarding the online store process need to be submitted to the Summit at Snoqualmie as Powderpigs unfortunately cannot troubleshoot their system, and contacting us first would likely result in delays to your ticket purchase.  You can contact the Summit at or (425.434.7669)

You can check out all the Season Pass options HERE.  Some passes come with restrictions, and if you plan to ski outside of lessons, please check the restrictions to make sure they work for your family’s preferences.  Generally, an LTD pass works for all Powderpigs student lessons*. 

Age 6 & Under

  • Child Pass is available and works for all lessons FriPM, Sat & Sun

Age 7-12

  • Youth Pass for preferred Pass option (Sat/Sun: LTD, or Unlimited; Fri PM also have Remedy & Twilight options)

Age 13+ 

  • Teen Pass for preferred Pass option (Sat/Sun: LTD, or Unlimited; Fri PM also have Remedy & Twilight options)
  • For our Leadership and older students(13+), the Cadet Pass is no longer offered, so they will need to purchase a standard Teen pass for their age group.

**Fri PM students age 7+**

  • You can also check the date restrictions on the Remedy and Twilight passes to see if they fit your family’s needs.

As a reminder, the Summit no longer offers a discounted Student Season pass, so purchasing season passes now will be the most affordable option.  Should season passes sell out, students are guaranteed a season pass at the last price tier, and we will have directions on how to enter the special store to purchase a pass at a later date.  However this only applies to students and not family members.  

Think Snow,

-The Powderpigs Admin Team

*(exceptions might include some of our very most advanced classes, who may take a day trip to Alpental, conditions/skills permitting)