In classic Powderpig fashion, this site was redesigned by two Powderpigs – Lars (10) and Scarlett (9) following the 2006 ski season.  These two got their start skiing with Powderpigs and have been back to the pigpen every year over the past 5. They worked with the father – who runs a website design and marketing agency in Seattle – in redeveloping the PowderPigs website on the WordPress platform. The two transformed the iconic 28 page .pdf that contains everything parents need to know about Powderpigs into various webpages. They selected the backgrounds, designed the homepage, chose fonts, dictated the overall layout of the site and worked to select appropriate imagery for each of the sections.  Along the way, they picked up some basic web design principles and a rudimentary understanding of WordPress.

Scarlett fully intends to stay on with Powderpigs – and aspires to go through the Instructor Training Program, become a Teaching Assistant and eventually a Coach.  Look for her signature pink ponytail around the pigpen. (You may also see their younger brother, Rowan, helmet festooned with a blue mohawk tearing down the slopes in the little rippers class.)