2-smiling-girlsThis is an opportunity for the advanced student who may be considering becoming an instructor to explore the teaching-learning experience from the other side of the Powderpigs equation. It is a great way to get a good look at what instructing is all about, as well as providing them with a good start on gaining the skills of an instructor.

Please email admin@powderpigs.com if your student is interested in these programs!

Leadership – Meets on Saturdays during our regular program schedule (10am-3pm with lunch from 12-1pm).  Emphasis will be on improving their own skiing, getting a more detailed knowledge of the technical aspects of skiing and developing basic teaching and observation skills. This is a clinic style class with directed “hands on” practice teaching  with our younger students for half the day. Students must be parallel skiers who ski comfortably & confidently everywhere in all conditions. Ages 13 and up. Very limited enrollment.

Jr. Assistant – Meets on Sundays during our regular program schedule (10am-3pm with lunch from 12-1pm).  Jr. Assistants will be partnered with a Full charge instructor.  Most often the Jr. Assistant will remain with that class the entire season so they can build a strong foundation and relationship with the students and be able to observe a full season of instructing.  As the season progresses Jr. Assistants will be given guidance on teaching principals and techniques, as well as opportunities to lead the class, sweep the class, teach a drill, and more.  This program does not include structured personal skill development for the Jr. Assistant, so they must be parallel skiers who ski comfortably and confidently everywhere in all conditions.  Ages 13 and up.  Limited Enrollment.

Leadership & Jr. Assisting is considered a continuation of our lesson program.  These are not employment positions.