Because proper gear is so vital in learning to ski and snowboard, having the right shopping list and a good idea of what you need is of maximum importance. When you get to the mountain for lessons, the time for messing around with binding adjustments, boot fitting, and ski & snowboard tuning is long past and it is time to enjoy the learning experience! The following equipment and clothing list is the first step in this direction for our Powderpigs. Snowboard clothing & equipment information for our Powderpigs comes best from the experts at the Alpine Hut (Seattle) and Gerk’s Ski and Spoke (Issaquah) and Edge & Spoke (Redmond).

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Put Your Name On It

The next important step is to find a store that has it all and is staffed with personnel qualified and able to work with children as skiers & snowboarders. The staff must be willing to take the extra time necessary to listen to and work with you and your child as individuals. Go earlier, rather than later, to purchase your gear in order to avoid the crowds and distracted, exhausted store staffers at the end of the getting ready season.

Storing Equipment

Both ski and snowboard boots need to be stored in a warm, dry place where they can dry out completely between each use, otherwise they can get moldy and very stinky on the inside (boots, especially). YUK! Skis and snowboards need to be stored in a dry, even temperatured environment. The experts advise us never to store skis or snowboards on a concrete surface without something substantial in between them and the concrete. When storing skis or snowboards over a long period of time, hot wax the bottoms, covering the edges too, this prevents bases from drying out and the edges from rusting.