page 17“Adults Unlimited”

Classes for our Powderpigs parents and friends are available on the weekends and are coordinated with the children’s lesson times. These classes have an instructor with a small group of students who work in a format of small group instruction and individual directed practice. This provides the flexibility necessary to allow students to work on particular skills and move between groups when skills and experience dictate. This assures adult students the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

The Adult Lessons begin 15 minutes after the children’s classes start and end 15 minutes before the children get out. This allows you a 15 minute buffer before and after both morning and afternoon “sessions” so you will have time to get your Powderpigs into classes and then get ready for your own lesson without having to rush.

Good equipment is just as important for our adult Powderpigs as it is for our younger Powderpigs. A visit to your favorite snow sport store is a good first step. If you are skiing on skis you have used before, taking your skis in to get them checked out, tuned up and the bindings checked is also a very good idea. Both the Alpine Hut and Gerk’s Ski and Spoke as well as Edge and Spoke provide these services and do a fine job! As with the kid’s equipment, the earlier you visit these stores, the less congested they will be and the more individual attention you will receive.

NOTE: Adult lessons are structured for beginner and intermediate skiers.  If you are seeking advanced or skill specific lessons please email us (

**NEW** Online Adult Beginner Video Series

Coming Soon! We will be offering an adult specific beginner video lesson series.

Some folks find it easier to work at their own pace, on their own time, for these beginner skills. This lesson series focuses on how to get started on skis, with skills and drills leading up to chair riding, and linking wedge turns. This allows adult beginners to be ready for more intermediate skills upon registering for lessons in the future. If you have sparse time, need to ski at a different time than your family, or are a little out of shape for a full day of ski adventures, then this may be the program for you!