Greetings Powderpigs, 


Registration is now open for the 2013 season.   Early registration is the best way to assure yourselves of getting your first choice of the programs we offer.   So, here are the bare bones of getting your Powderpig(s) signed up. We will post more details in the brochure and in "Latest News" as the information comes in.


If you are interested in registering a 3 year old (must be 3 by Sept. 1) please email us before you do so.  We want to help you be sure that your 3 year old is truly “ski ready”, so that their learning to ski experience can be a happy and successful one.


Again This Year:


The convenience of online registration and payment on line by credit card continues!  We are delighted to have gotten to the point where we can offer this to our Powderpig families.  We will still need up-to-date information about your child completed and sent to us in Mid October.  We will email these “About Your child” attachments to you in early October.


Tuition for 2013


Children's Program    Tuition: 

Friday Evening              $395.00                  

Sat & Sun                     $515.00                  

Midweek                                  $460.00                

Parka - $85.00 - Add if new Powderpig or if new parka is needed for returning Powderpigs.


Adult lessons – registration for adults will open June 2nd

Friday Evening              $235                parka not required

Sat & Sun                     $345                parka not required


Schedule for 2013


Weekend classes begin January 4-5-6    and end  March 8-9-10 (Nine weeks).

Midweek  classes begin January 9-10-11 and end March 6-7-8.  (Eight weeks).

Mid Season Break for weekend students:  February 15-16-17

Mid Season Break for  midweek students: February: 20-21-22



If you are new to Powderpigs this year, it is VERY important you read through the brochure carefully (The Brochure is our Powderpig Handbook and Survival Guide).  It is also very important to come to one of the Parent Meetings for 1st year Powderpig parents held in early December - that way you will know what you are actually getting into and how and why we do things the way we do.  NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT POWDERPIGS FROM FRIENDS OR FAMILY, these two steps are crucial to you and your child having a good Powderpig experience! 


We  update "Latest News"  on <>  on a fairly regular basis throughout the off season with some of the fun things that are going on up here as spring progresses and as news happens - from us, from the Area and about nifty things we hear about for kids to do during the spring and summer.    If your Powderpigs are doing things you think other Powderpigs would like hearing about or if you discover any unique activities you think other Powderpigs might enjoy, let us know!  And, if you have any specific questions or spot anything essential that we have left out - please email us (link at bottom of page).


To enroll your child in Powderpigs:


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