Updated  Wednesday, 3-19-2014

 We will update this page as news comes in or we have schedule changes to announce during the season.






Winter weather has returned with enthusiastic snowfall for the last day of winter and the first day of spring this year!  Then, the weather will turn spring like for our last weekend of lessons!  So at this time, all programs are GO for this last week of lessons!  For those of you who are wondering, this includes the day of lessons we tacked on to the end of the season when we had to cancel the first week of lessons this year.  The happy spring news from the mountain is that the spring birds are returning for the summer and early mornings are serenaded by bird song from the forest below us, every morning, except this morning.  When it is snowing like it was this morning, the birds stay in bed, all safe and sound from all the snowflakes coming down.   


Registration for 2015 will open again in mid-April.  For those of you who have a specific day you prefer or need, it is  essential to register in the beginning of the registration period.  In a continued effort to keep class sizes down, we will no longer make exceptions for  even old friends of Powderpigs to squeeze their children into the program when they have forgotten to register in time to find space a class.  Early registration is also very important for families who have younger children they would like to enroll, as these classes are the ones that fill up first.  The information for next year will be posted in the early part of April. 



THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO PUT YOUR CHILD’S NAME ON THEIR SKIS.    The reported ski mysteries have all been solved!  The skis that were left on the mountain last weekend were claimed by their owners and this week the happy news is that there were no little skis left on the mountain.  Only one pair of adult skis were left though and they are here at Command Central just waiting for their owner to come find them.  These skis were left right out in front of the Pigpen.  The good news is the skis are safe and sound at command central just waiting to be claimed.   No name on the skis - again! 


ACROSS THE BOARD, PUT YOUR NAME ON ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU BRING TO THE MOUNTAIN OR IT MAY END UP AT SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE or even down at Good Will.  Even at this late stage of the ski school season names on belongings can very helpful.  Thanks!

PLEASE REMEMBER TO LET US KNOW IF YOUR POWDERPIG IS GOING TO BE ABSENT.  Even on this very last weekend of lessons this is very important information for he to have.  It helps us get the classes out on time and makes the makeup program possible.  Remember this is the last weekend and all makeups are completed for the season.   


When we have more snow in the forecast for the weekend: it is very important to remember that when it is snowing, snow stacks up on the roofs and they slide regularly/  Which brings me to an important reminder:  when the snow collects on the roof and finally reaches the "release point" it comes down with avalanche density & often a great big bang!  (not light a fluffy as one would wish) This could seriously injure someone underneath.  No one enjoys getting clobbered on the back of the head and neck by a couple of pounds of snow, let alone many hundreds of pounds of consolidated snow!  It is for this reason we put out DANGER or CAUTION  banners to warn people of the risk.  Please help your children understand the roof line danger rules!  Look up when you get here to see if the roof is loaded (usually when it has been snowing, but sometimes the roofs "save up" and build snow on them - very picturesque, but downright dangerous!) and look up to check exactly where the roof fall-lines are so you can help your kids to stay our from under them. 


PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR SLEDS, BOARDS AND SKIS ACROSS  OR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CAUTION/DANGER TAPES OUT IN FRONT OF THE PIGPEN and never, ever on top of those tapes! Do NOT lean sleds or anything else on the danger/caution tapes!   Please keep your children on the safe side of these warning lines.  It is really up to all us big guys to teach our little guys to respect those boundaries - it may save your child's life later on, if you support them in this while they are little.  Serious injuries have occurred & lives have been lost because of ignored boundary banners/tapes.   I have far too many stories from my last 50 years on this Pass to ignore or just blow off these concerns.  Thank you all for your help with keeping ALL our children safe!


When you email us about your child, (absences, makeups, concerns, classes etc.) please be sure to give us your child's full name, FIRST AND LAST!  Because so many of our kids do not share a last name with the parent who is emailing us, this has become a real issue.  Thanks in advance for your help with this. 


Please put the subject of your message in the "subject line" .  i.e.  "Absence", "class change request", "Make up" etc.  Thanks to all of you who already do these things!!



Only one pair of adulate skis left out in front of the Pigpen this weekend.  If you are missing your skis - come find Nancy at Command Central. 




DONATIONS OF OUTGROWN SKI CLOTHES STILL NEEDED!   If you discover you have outgrown  long johns, ski socks, mittens,  t-necks, fleeces, sweaters, bib warm ups etc.  and are willing to donate them to the Powderpig "Oooops!  I forgot my parka, or got my self wet" collection - for those kids who find themselves in need of a change during lessons - we always appreciate those donations!! After week 4 of lessons, we discovered we are in particular need of more long johns.   Thanks, in advance for anything you can share.  These items can save a good skiing/snowboarding day for a Powderpig!  And big thanks to you who have already shared important clothing items.  They have already saved the day for some kids this year.   




Besides our <> website, there are a few more very useful numbers and websites to have.

 * The I-90 Traveler with its current conditions and forecasts graphically displayed along with the web cam  

    Pictures right on one page!  (this is my favorite source of information about the roads and weather!)


  * The weather  and road conditions as it is understood by the Summit at Snoqualmie (this has become an

increasingly valuable resource)(& is my next favorite source of information!)


     * DOT ROAD CONDITIONS:# 511 – especially useful on your way up for late breaking news about what is going on

                                       I-90 (an excellent source of information, but just without the pictures  :0 )




SECURITY ALERT:  Never, ever leave anything in your vehicle that you don't want stolen. ESPECIALLY AT THIS TIME OF YEAR!  This is especially true of money and credit cards (no matter how stealth you are in hiding them in your vehicle, you may might not know you have been ripped off until your cc is maxed out and you didn't do it),  as well as computers, and other attractive electronics, Skis & Snowboards and other gear.  Don't take a chance!  These guys are real pros and they are organized.