Updated  Monday, 10-06-2014

 We will update this page as news comes in or we have schedule changes to announce during the season.






All the summer wildflowers, even the late summer wildflowers,  have folded their summer tents and have faded from view and the fall colors are beginning to show along the tree lines and all over the slopes.  The freezing level is coming down and Fall is here!  It is getting pretty chilly at night.  We had a very busy summer weather wise, with some real thunder and lightning and hail encounters worthy of Colorado and the South West.  Not the usual fare for our Snoqualmie Pass summers.   I'm very glad the electric storms have  diminished. 


Registration for  2015 is going strong after a very successful summertime registration.  The news is that Saturday classes are already totally full and have been for over a month.  The classes for 3 year olds filled up during the summer.  It was an amazing registration!  If you intend to join us in 2015,  we recommend you get registered as soon as you can.  Just go to "Registration 2015" on the main menu.  The snowboard classes are NOT full yet and for skiers we have Midweek lessons, Friday nights and Sundays. 


We have been going back over all the notes from the 2014 season in preparation for shaping classes and programs and making changes in the instructor training program.  Thanks to all of you who so generously gave us your feedback about the program last year, along with your experiences  and your child's needs.  This will be of great help as we work on shaping next year's classes and Powderpig experience. 



This year, the Summit at Snoqualmie is putting a new chair lift in between Central and Hyak - closer to Hyak.  Progress has been steady all summer and the sounds of trail clearing have echoed down the slopes  all during August and early September. 

The really exciting news, especially to skiers who are old timers, is that the Area has removed the 1/2 Pipe on what we used to call Bonanza and it looks like we might get back one of the best runs at Central!  One can hope and dream...

The bushwhacking machine has evidently finished up over at West and has arrived at Central to cut down the bushes that grew so enthusiastically this summer.  We are hoping to see them over at our end of the Area soon.

The not so exciting news is:  The Area was planning on putting lighting on Silver Fir this summer - thus opening up night skiing even further.  This has been postponed because of difficulties with the permitting process.  Evidently the Forest Service found some problems with the permitting and we may have to wait until next summer for this exciting development to happen.



THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR FAMILY'S SKIS AND OTHER GEAR LAST YEAR!    THANKS IN ADVANCE TO THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE GOING TO REMEMBER TO DO THAT WONDERFUL THING THIS YEAR!!  It makes a real difference for both you and for those of us who must try to reconnect the owners of forgotten belongings after you all go home at the end of the day.  Absolutely everything needs a name on it!  Including your children - so names on helmets is a really good idea.  :0 )



DONATIONS OF OUTGROWN SKI CLOTHES STILL NEEDED!   If you discover you have outgrown  long johns, ski socks, mittens,  t-necks, fleeces, sweaters, bib warm ups etc.  and are willing to donate them to the Powderpig "Oooops!  I forgot my parka, or got my self wet" collection - for those kids who find themselves in need of a change during lessons - we always appreciate those donations!! After week 4 of lessons this year, we discovered we are in particular need of more long johns and kids ski socks.   Thanks, in advance for anything you can share.  These items can save a good skiing/snowboarding day for a Powderpig!  And big thanks to you who have already shared important clothing items.  They have already saved the day for some kids this year.  


Every year we look for more SKI instructors!  People who love children and skiing.  Each year we loose some instructors to the "rest" of their lives - they go off to University, get married,  get new and wonderful jobs in other parts of the country and we must find replacements for them.  In recent years, more and more of our instructors have come from the Parent Group.  Powderpig parents make wonderful instructors!   We offer training and a substantial discount on your child's tuition if you join us on the staff.  For more information about teaching with us, please contact us  at <>




Besides our <> website, there are a few more very useful numbers and websites to have.

 * The I-90 Traveler with its current conditions and forecasts graphically displayed along with the web cam  

    Pictures right on one page!  (this is my favorite source of information about the roads and weather!)


  * The weather  and road conditions as it is understood by the Summit at Snoqualmie (this has become an

increasingly valuable resource & is my next favorite source of information!)


     * DOT ROAD CONDITIONS:# 511 especially useful on your way up for late breaking news about what is going on

                                       I-90 (an excellent source of information, but just without the pictures  :0 )




SECURITY ALERT:  Never, ever leave anything in your vehicle that you don't want stolen. ESPECIALLY DURING LESSONS!  This is especially true of money and credit cards (no matter how stealth you are in hiding them in your vehicle, you may might not know you have been ripped off until your cc is maxed out and you didn't do it),  as well as computers, and other attractive electronics, Skis & Snowboards and other gear.  Don't take a chance!  These guys are real pros and they are organized.